"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Ben Franklin

Traveling well with the Lebron 13



1. to be enjoyed away from the place of origin

2. to take more than the allowed number of steps while holding the ball without dribbling it.

Traveling on the court won’t win you any style points, but wearing the Lebron 13 while you travel, will. I wish I could play more often, but these days traveling is more my sport. I can already see me sprinting through an airport with these on my feet. I don't wear anything I can’t run in when I fly, and I have a feeling the Lebron 13 will save me from missing a connection more than a few times this winter.

Lebron 13_1

Versatile, light, flexible, fast, and bold. Like any ball player what we rock on the court must fit our own personal particular preferences. For me it starts even before that, with my socks - I wear below the ankle only and the line must be perfectly straight across my toes. Shoes should feel like an extra sock, and the Lebron 13 hugs my feet in a way thats comforting but not restrictive. It means I can play without thinking, and when, not if, I decide to cross this guy up, my shoes listen to me and do what my feet tell them to!  


A network executive once told me that the secret to success is getting the f out of your own way. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but the seed was planted and for me it was realizing life is what you make of it... a game of reinventing yourself while staying true to who you are. Basketball is a game of innovation and individual expression. Isn’t that saying the same thing? Ball IS life!  

*Special thanks to @ellimacjo for her collaboration on this project.