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At first, I didn't see the rotation of the ball change, so I thought no way Justise Winslow could have knocked that ball out of bounds. Then, that one camera angle caught his fingertip bend back oh-so-slightly and I had the answer I needed.....wait....WHAT? Duke ball? Did the refs not just look at the same replay we all did and see that his finger touched the ball? Seriously, did they see this?

Duke of course kept the ball and then nailed a three and the story of one of the most epic games in National Championship history became about the calls that were or were not made. I don't get it... it seemed so obvious, with indisputable evidence and everyone else with working eyes could see that it should be Wisconsin's basketball. How could it go the other way? What then IS the point of instant replay?  I would love to hear more from the officials, I'm sure Badger Nation would also like an answer, and so would Kentucky from the expired shot clock situation the other night. If we have the chance to get it right, let's get it right! 


Speaking of getting it right, NCAA President Mark Emmert finally did just that, taking a stance on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act was a true example of how power can be used for good. It’s been one public relations turnover after the next in Indianapolis, and Emmert described himself and the NCAA’s image perfectly as “old codgers.” Maybe it was better said by Vahe Gregorian of the Kansas City Star, Mark Emmert’s  “Sense of the moment doesn’t necessarily absolve his past or assure his future. But it does say that when called to stand and be counted at a pivotal moment, Emmert led in a monumental way."  

From the coaches and media I spoke with across the country this season, and I agree, the NCAA still has a looooong way to go before they’ll win anyone over. College sports are a billion dollar industry and a very closely guarded business. Let’s face it, what's best and what’s fair for the student-athlete hasn’t been a regular occurrence for too long and its time to change that.  Wasn’t it interesting to see Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie make the first bold statement by saying the 2014 National Champion Huskies would not be making the trip to the state of Indiana? The same Kevin Ollie who’s star point guard from last season Shabazz Napier so perfectly put it with a microphone in front of his face and an audience to share it with, demanded to be FED. TO BE FED. BECAUSE THESE ATHLETES WORK OUT SOMETIMES 5-6 HOURS A DAY AND THAT WOULD MAKE ME REALLY HANGRY TOO. Shabazz's words made a change, I saw plenty of food available to athletes in practices, shoot arounds, games, whatever. See? Something to build on! 


PHOTO: Bob Donnan of USA Today Sports

PHOTO: Bob Donnan of USA Today Sports

Last year’s McDonald’s All American Slam Dunk Champion Grayson Allen from Jacksonville Florida made his mark with a sick dunk off his own missed 3 against Michigan State. He followed up with more firepower to throw at Wisconsin, finishing with 16 points off the bench and took it to any and all Badger willing to get in his way. Dude isn't afraid of anything and if you love Duke, and a lot of people do, this guy is next...Grayson Allen has all the makings of a Blue Devil legend. What a great moment too captured from Bob Donnan of USA Today Sports.