"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Ben Franklin

Movement as a Lifestyle with Adidas Originals


No not out of my way, with me. With us. And not to a place, to an idea. That inside us there lives an original artist who believes Creativity thrives on Activity. So what do you call the meeting between inner athlete and artist?

Movement as a lifestyle.

Right outside your front door is a world ready for you to use as your own personal playground.  All you have to agree to is that you’ll be outside and active. I want you to rethink fitness and redefine routine. What happens next is both the challenge and the reward. I cut off the gym and all my old expectations of what I had to do in order to be healthy and happy. I spent the last year testing out the theory. 

Brooke_Edits-3160 copy.jpg

Let’s go.

To be in go mode means finding a look that can go the distance without breaking a sweat. I don’t want to change my clothes - I want to get dressed and go - Even if I'm wearing a dress!  I definitely don't want to pack a bag and I’m guessing you feel the same way? You shouldn't have to. Because sneakers go with everything. 

The point is, when you wear something that feels good, you're more likely to be more active. That thinking goes into what I decide to wear when I get dressed for the day. I'm ready to be MOBILE, even if I spend a few hours writing or working on a project.  I know at some point I'll hit a mental block and get stuck. It's that moment where I get out and go. 

No brand has embraced the collaboration of artist and athlete quite like Adidas Originals. Designed by free thinkers who encourage you to ignore the distractions pulling you away from your vision and listen to the only voice that counts - yours. You could say it's made for the competitive creative. 


Training this way has its setbacks. Abandoning a regular routine isn’t comfortable. I’ve been conditioned since I was a teenager to think belonging to a gym was a requirement to be fit and healthy. Maybe you’ve belonged to the same gym for years or got comfortable or stuck in a certain class. Or you’ve never set foot in a gym and don’t know where to start.

Don’t think about it.

That causes commotion and puts your brain and body at a standstill - then nothing ever gets done.

Start by getting outside and moving. Then you can make it up as you go. Let your playlist decide your pace. Check out that new bike path. Take the stairs two at a time. Carry one more bag of groceries. They sound like little things but I promise they add up and the reward is time. Keep trying and give yourself points for creativity! Channel frustration into faster footsteps. If you need to fight against something, it’s this - slipping into a stationary state of mind. 

Movement is defined by changing physical locations. It is also defined by a group of people working together to advance an artistic idea. They say teamwork makes the dreamwork - and when my mind comes to a screeching blank halt, having friends to walk and talk with makes all the difference in my mood and my work. But when it becomes a team sport you gotta be a team player. Adopt a pass-first kind of mentality. Ask and listen. Be good company to be around. 

The day will be what you make of it. It all starts with the right intent and a first step. If you get stuck, you know what to do. 


Much love and many thanks to Adidas for the inspiration and assistance with this shoot. If you like the looks you see here, you can find more like them at @adidasoriginals. 

Also special thank you's to: 
Florence Awa and Corlyn Chevalier, two women who embody every bit of movement as a lifestyle. Please follow and support them: @florence_awa + @styleoyster

And this talented team: 
Makeup by Aga Kaskiewicz
Photography by Kirsten Miccoli
Creative Direction by Kwame Brown + Asha Moseley

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